Medica Innovatica July-Dec 2015 Volume 4| Issue 2

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Original articles
A study of echocardiographic changes in patients with chronic kidney disease Goornavar SM, Pramila Devi R, Ashoka RM
Clinical Spectrum and Risk Factors of Cerebral Palsy in Children Ramesh Pattar, BC Yelamali
Relationship of body mass index to heart rate variability in young males Rajashree D, Vaishali M. Paunikar
Study of causes of visual handicap amongst patients attending outpatient department for visual handicap certification in a medical college of Bagalkot district of Karnataka, India. Brijesh Patil, Chaitra Pujar , Manasa CN , Mallikarjun C. Salagar
Microbial and antimicrobial resistance profile of bloodstream infections: A hospital-based study Veena Manjunath, Chillargi C, Prathiba S, Amarnath SK, Hegde SM
Leprosy in a tertiary care hospital, Bagalkot, India: Clinical study and a reappraisal in the post-elimination era. KM Sudhakar Rao, Aruna MS, Vishnu M. Moodalgiri
A Clinical Study on Intra-Operative and Delayed Complication in Surgical Management following Peri-trochanteric Fracture of Femur Using Proximal Femoral Nail Akshay TM, Naganagoudar IH
Case reports
Ileo Ileal Intussusception secondary to Submucosal Ileal Lipoma – A Case Report Piyush Ranjan, Shirbur SN, Emmi Shailesh M
Right thoracic kidney: a rare case Ramesh V, Adarsh KM, BR Nagaraj, Lakshmeesa MT, Manjappa BH
Plummer Vinson Syndrome in males: A rare case report Channamma G., Mahesh
Rare presentation of asymptomatic endometriosis diagnosed accidently during lower segment caesarean section Anita Goura, Nagarathna Gourakkal, Navya N, Annapurna Goura
Erratum to original article published in December 2014 issue
Gender differences in the prevalence and features of internet addiction among Indian college students Vyjayanthi S, Surabhi Makharam, Mohammaed Afraz, Sundarnag Gajrekar