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July - December - 2020

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Review Article
Is Survivin a new target for anti cancer therapy: Structural aspects, Molecular mechanism and Anti - Cancer Therapeutic strategies targeting Survivin - An Overview Susanna Theophilus Yesupatham, Dayanand CD, SM Azeem Mohiyuddin
Original articles
Renal Cortical Necrosis: A Rare but Roaring Entity in Acute Kidney Injury Patients Vivek C. Ganiger, Avinash Itagi, Deba Prasad Kar
A clinical study of adult patients in altered mental status presenting to emergency without history of head injury Sahaja Nomula, Harish Chandra Reddy
Comparison of Cleft lift procedure with Limberg Flap technique for management of pilonidal disease of the natal cleft: A retrospective study Mughal M, Shah ST, Iqbal S, Saadah T, M Farooq
Microbiological and Demographic Profile of Ulcerative Keratitis in a Tertiary Care Hospital in North Karnataka Jayashree MP., Shruti M. Agadi, Roopa S. Hosamani, Shilpa M. Umarani, Vrinda Viswanathan, Darshini L. Mallikarjunaswamy
Clinical profile of non-traumatic adult emergency department admissions in tertiary care hospital Vijay Kumar S S, Shabbir Shekhli, Vijaylakshmi P B, Rajanikanth S Malapur
Anthropometric Profile of Children with Celiac Disease before and after treatment with Gluten Free Diet Bhavika YM, Prasanna Kumar DG, Manuprakash SK
Comparison of Endogenous Antioxidant levels in Hypertensive Patients and Non-hypertensive subjects Ajay Kumar, RC Gupta, NK Gupta
Clinical profile, management and outcome of patients with head injury associated CSF rhinorrhea at a tertiary care centre Rajesh Raykar
Parietal foramina in adult human skulls: an anatomical study Anita Fating, Sudhir Pawar
Usefulness of magnetic bougie in comparison to a normal bougie for endotracheal placement in Cormack Lehane grade IV cadavers Veeramachaneni Rajesh, Revathi Lokala, Harshavardhan Venkatayogi
A study of evaluation of thyroid function in patients with reproductive failure Manasa Reddy M, Swetha Goud N, Divya Reddy A
Diagnostic accuracy of hysteroscopy in relation to histopathology in patients with abnormal uterine bleeding at a tertiary care centre, Secunderabad, India Savitha Desai, Vinaya Srivalli V., Neena Desai
Cardiac manifestations in untreated hypothyroid patients Karthik Meruva, Thrivikram T., Suresh I.
Assessment of Hemosiderosis in Thalassemia major patients attending a Superspeciality hospital Mallikarjun Pattanashetti, Ganga Pilli, Lalit Kumar, Amandeep Kaur, Aneet Singh
Intramuscular clonidine versus intramuscular dexmedetomidine to attenuate haemodynamic response to laryngoscopy and intubation: open label randomized trial Harshavardhan Venkatayogi, Rajesh Veeramachaneni, Revathi Lokala
Level of Thyroid Hormones in Elderly Postmenopausal Women with Depression in Mumbai Pallavi Janrao Kamble, Sankalp Kumar Tripathi, Ritu S. Chandel
Histopathologic assessment using Geboes score for Ulcerative Colitis in a tertiary care hospital Prabhu Mural M H, Nunna Venkat Kalyan, Shivakumar S Inamdar, Mallikarjun Pattanashetti
Role of FNAC in study of cytomorphological patterns in cervical lymph node Sameer A. Kadam, Arun T. Miskin, Vijay D. Dombale
A study of sexual dimorphism of human hip bone by measurements between ileum and pubis Vijayeendra Kanabur, Anita Deshpande
Lipid profile in cerebrovascular disease patients and its relation between thrombotic stroke patients and hemorrhagic stroke patients Thrivikram T, Karthik Meruva, Suresh I.
Quality of life of Psoriasis patients of a tertiary care centre of Eastern India Suchibrata Das, Nirmalya Kumar Das, Subhra Samujjwal Basu
Case Series
Prediction of complications by serial beta HCG levels in patients with molar pregnancy Report Ayesha Sultana, Linganand L. Pujar, Ashalata Mallapur
Neonatal purpura fulminans: A case series Srinivas Awanti, Gangadhar Mirji, B.C.Yelamali
Clinical profile, outcome and patterns of acute poisoning among rural patients in North Karnataka: A hospital record based case series study Souza Joachim Piedade, S. A. Kora
Infantile Osteopetrosis- A Case Series Prajwal Sajjan, Gangadhar Mirji, B.C.Yelamali
Case reports
Ornithine transcarbamylase deficiency in a neonate: A disease in disguise Mirnalini Rajput, Ramesh Pol, B.C.Yelamali
Acute flaccid paralysis associated with distal renal tubular acidosis - a rare case report Pratibha G. Vandal, Gangadhar S. Mirji, B. C. Yelamali
A rare case of 4H syndrome: A novel association Aswin G, Ramesh Pol, B. C. Yelamali
Congenital Chylothorax Phaniraj M Bangli, Ramesh Pol, Ramesh Hatti, Vikram Nagathan
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